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We at Thrift Store Fitness are still officially on lockdown, so, no new exercise DVDs are available to review just yet. But I promise, as soon as it’s safe to open up thrift stores, I’ll be there, pawing through the selection to find the weirdest, silliest, most cringe-worthy fitness videos to work out to, so you won’t have to!

For now, let’s focus on a basic fact of exercising at home: pets underfoot! Consider also  another truism of pandemic lockdown – that looking at pictures of cats on the internet is the only thing keeping many of us sane. So, Loyal Readers, please enjoy some photos of my cats interfering, I mean, assisting, with my home workouts through the years.

During Yoga For Stress Relief, the new kitten displayed a distinct fondness for my yoga blanket. I had only had her about a week at this point.

Look how little she was! Those gangly legs! Those big paws! She’s full grown now, but I’m still amazed at how small she is. Of course, I’m comparing her to my other cat, an absolute unit who, coincidentally, also got involved with this workout.

I know this particular DVD was “for stress relief,” but I know of no better stress reliever than a couple of snuggly pets. Here they are showing their support during Jillian Michaels: Killer Abs.

Not to be outdone in cuteness, the House Panther also liked to flop on the yoga blanket during Crunch Pilates Yoga Blend.

Look at those foldy feet!  How could you resist?

Meanwhile, here’s the little one during Ballet Class For Beginners, helpfully showing the instructor her butt hole.

And of course, Jillian Michaels also needed to see it during Killer Cardio.

In fact, one of the Diva Gremlin Princess’ favorite things is to block the TV while I’m working out. Here she is during Butt Bible Level 3.

Look at how she’s posing. She knows what’s up. Here she is during Billy’s Bootcamp Basic Training.

And for Mari Winsor Pilates Slimdown.

And for Quick Sculpt Pilates.

And for Perfect Design Level 3.

And for Shred It With Weights.

I find it so endearing that she wants to be involved in whatever I’m doing. And that’s the thing we love about pets, they don’t really care how successful, or popular, or fit we are. No matter what, they just want to be near us and have our attention.

Every possible ounce of our attention.