2004, $2.99, at Goodwill Superstore on San Fernando

First Impression: Yoga gives your hair perfect Botticelli ringlets!

Second Impression: And a light rosy flush for taking the best selfies!

This DVD is hosted by Seane Corn, who got her start as Sheryl Crow’s security decoy.

Now Seane is breaking out on her own, with a new mantra, “all I wanna do is have some fun and also unite breath with movement!”

With a scar running though the middle of her eyebrow and a kinetic way of speaking, Seane gives us the key points of her personal journey from an Obsessive Compulsive disorder diagnosis, to waitressing at a cafe where the owners returned from a ashram with a mandate that the wait staff all stop doing drugs. She then began studying yoga as a requirement to keep her job. After several epiphanies, she sprinkles in a mention about her Zen Buddhist Gestalt Therapist, the theme of her overall quest being, “Who am I doing yoga for?”

I don’t know, after tracing the high points of your personal narrative, it seems like you started doing yoga because your old boss said so, and it just became a habit, Seane. Maybe I’m doing yoga wrong because I never seem to fret about the existential why of it all. I just need to get in a good stretch.

The routine begins as Seane has us place our hands together and ask to know the truth, ask to speak the truth, and ask to feel it. Since we’re talking about deep questions, here’s one for you: do any of you have people in your life who absolutely do not want to know the truth? Like, if they overhear an honest conversation about an uncomfortable topic, they start shouting, “I don’t wanna know!  Lalalalalala” and shove their fingers in their ears. For these people I recommend a yoga pose called the Ostrich, which mimics a large flightless bird burying its head in the sand.

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