2006, $2.99, at Goodwill Superstore on San Fernando

First Impression: Proper body alignment is critical for the courtly dance.

Second Impression: See how the width of her wingspan indicates she is ready for suitors.

Gillian and Teigh are back again with another wackadoo workout.  The kookiness is part of the appeal, and the ladies do not disappoint.

Each routine begins with Gillian and Teigh sitting cross-legged on a rocky wall between a coi pond and a swimming pool. Precariously placed on this manmade isthmus, they guide you through a serious of mantras, mudras, and meditations. You are now ready to get funky!

The warmup was apparently filmed at dawn, on a grassy cliff overlooking the ocean. As always, the exercises are done in bare feet. I find this particularly appealing because, as someone who works out at home, having to put on shoes and socks is one more obstacle to be overcome. Directly in front of them sits Ravi, their ubiquitous bongo player. He is an enigma wrapped in a conundrum.

For the ballet section, we move to a photogenic waterfall-with-rocks location. It actually looks like it could be an animal habitat at the LA Zoo.  Ravi bongos above them on a boulder. I can really feel these exercises toning me up as Gillian instructs me to lift up my arms as if I am holding up the golden orb of the sun.

We move on to the cardiovascular segment, which takes place in an an amphitheater strewn with rose petals. Doric columns are draped with sheer, billowing red fabric. Ravi is perched on top of this structure, dutifully performing his bongo obligations. The producers have placed a Go-Pro camera up there with him, so they can cut to his grainy closeup shot throughout the routine.  I do not see evidence of a safety harness.

It’s back to the cliffside for yoga, then we return to the Antigone Memorial Theatre for abs. Gillian and Teigh lead the cooldown while lying on the grass, which makes me itchy just looking at them. But no matter, because we end the workout with this mantra: “I love myself, I trust myself, I will be myself.”

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