2008, $1.00 (in the original shrink wrapper!), at Salvation Army Glendale

First Impression: This is like The Seven Voyages of Sinbad when the giant Cyclops crushes the people.

Second Impression: You gotta love Ray Harryhausen!

This is the other Rockin’ Body DVD in the set. I was fortunate to find both at the same time during the 50% off everything, end-of-the-month sale. Someone obviously got a set of Shaun T’s new routine, Cize, for the holidays, and gave these away unopened. I can’t wait for that person to get tired of Cize and donate it, and I will be there waiting, my discount-seeking senses trembling at another bargain within my reach.

I can’t believe I didn’t notice this with the other DVD in the set, but something about the font and the graphics in the main menu makes it look like you’re about to play Rock Band. Also, there’s a little music video intro that plays before each routine. It plays every single time, even if you do multiple workouts in a row. There isn’t any way to bypass it, so I can say with complete certainty that yes, I am aware that we can step, we can groove, Rockin’ Body makes you move.

This DVD has three workouts on it, all introduced by that rando I mentioned in my review of the Blue Cover. He’s like the guy in extras holding that says, “Hi, you haven’t met me yet,” and you’re like, “Uh-huh.”

There’s a Hard-Core Abs workout, which is only ten minutes long, so you really have to pair it with the Booty Time workout that comes right afterwards. These two are the most reminiscent of the Hip Hop Abs video, which I how my TV boyfriend, Shaun T, and I first got together.

By far, my favorite routine on both of these DVDs is Rock it Out, which incorporates hand weights with the choreography for more toning. It features an upbeat remix of “Eye of the Tiger,” so I can pretend I’m in a montage in the middle of the second act of a lighthearted movie about overcoming obstacles in a small town.

Shaun T has a frequent catch phrase about how “you’re gonna look cute in your jeans, girl!” I must say, having done these workouts every day for a couple of weeks now, I do not disagree with him on any particular point.

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