Twitter user @steveajohnson writes:

“But are these thrift store workouts giving you the toned, beach-body you’ve always wanted? Are you worried that you’re becoming TOO healthy?”

Thank you for being my very first reader to submit a question! No, as a Person of Pallor, I’m not someone who has ever enjoyed strutting her stuff in the bright sunlight. If I do go the beach, it’s after I’ve bathed in Coppertone SPF 50 for Sensitive Skin, and hidden my alabaster glory under a long sleeves and a Greta Garbo hat.

But I’ve been using myself as an exercise guinea pig for my readers’ comedic enjoyment for about six months now, and I will say I have seen results.

Prior to the start of my experiment, I was in the habit of going to the gym twice a week, sometimes three times. Occasionally, I’d go on a hike. When I quit the gym to begin working out at home, I found it so easy to just pop in a DVD and exercise, that I found myself doing four to five workouts a week. I think increasing the frequency and varying the type of exercise has made the difference.

I’ve always been a medium-to-smallish body type. But recently, a friend remarked that I look more “cut.” She usually sees me on TV Night when I’m wearing floppy clothes and stuffing cookies in my face, but I took the compliment anyway.